Drunk Korean Hero in a Suit?

Okay, So we were outside Seoul and it was getting late and getting hella cold. We took a bus going to the train station so we can go back home but sadly the train needs to close down, so we decided to take the cab. We got the hotel’s calling card that contains the address and contact number so we can just hand them to the cab and drive us to the hotel but for some unknown reason they don’t understand us, they don’t know where the hotel is and they just wouldn’t take us home and we talked to almost every cab we saw.

I was standing there by the cabs while my dad tries to talk to the cab driver and while my sister and mom buys water and biscuits at the convenient store, Suddenly a man in a suit tapped at my shoulder and asked me something in korean which I didn’t understand, I told him I speak english and he then asked If I was a Tourist? and What was I doing? I was surprised he spoke good english but began to panic so I pointed him my dad to hint him I’m not alone. I explained that we were trying to find a cab back to our hotel. He then began heading towards my dad and started talking to the cab driver in korean. He helped us get a cab! The cab driver then finally understood what we were trying to say and agreed to take us to our hotel.

But here’s the crazy part. We went in the cab, My dad beside the driver and me, my sister and my mom on the backseat. The korean guy suddenly slipped himself inside the cab too. We were shocked. We don’t understand why he’s inside the cab. It was too weird and we didn’t say anything and the cab began to move.

My dad began asking the guy why he’s there? Why he’s here with us? and the guy began responding like he wants us to be safe and stuff. The cab driver started yelling at him because there can only be 4 passengers, if we exceeded they could get a fine. We told the guy we’re okay, You can go now. So we were all telling this guy to get off and then he slipped, he accidentally spilled that he’s drunk and that only made us more persistent to get this guy off the backseat. He then surrendered and got down.

We thanked him for helping us and wished him luck, He then began taking out money from his wallet and told us he’d pay for our fare. We denied and took off. It was scary, I didn’t know what to feel about the guy I was sorry and scared for him, I was thankful for him too. He helped us.


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