Love your own.

I have been living in this bittersweet country for 23 years and I have to admit I feel shamed of not being able to explore the true beauty behind all the corruption, pollution and gunk. I do feel honorable having to explore other parts of the world  but I do have this urge to see what my own country holds. From the busy streets of Manila to  swimming with the whales in Cebu to the rural mountains of Benguet. This country is truly a goldmine of natural resources and sceneries and I do feel humbled to have been a citizen to such beauty.

I do wish I could pack tonight and just leave. Just so I could explore and move around the country. No Visa and Passport needed. Just some pocket money and you’re good to go. (lol, I do wish I have that pocket money to spare)




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  1. Aw. I hope you get to go on an incredible adventure one day. =]


    1. Frances says:

      thanks! I really want to go around my own country and explore the oceans and mountains 🙂

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  2. jecamartinez says:

    DANICA!!! I didn’t know you had a travel blog!! ❤ I'll follow you on Bloglovin!!! Can't wait to read more about your travels!


    1. Frances says:

      lol started writing last year palang, I used to do it on tumblr but I wanted to have an outlet soley(idk how to spell) for travel lang haha!


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