Just let go. (Also a bit of taiwan… i think)

Well to start off, I would’ve want to write my experiences in Taiwan but I had to admit they weren’t that rich nor interesting. I really wanted to post something about top places to go to Taiwan or something but the thing is I couldn’t, I don’t feel credited to make a blog about it. I wasn’t able to do my usual travel, The usual me exploring and taking my time. I had to put that into minimum and just catch what I can catch. Our tour was a business trip to Familiarize ourself with Taiwan. I wanted to go to so many places but the one in charge was not me and I just couldn’t do what I’ve wanted to do, I got to respect the itinerary and I got to get used to it because I’ll be doing a lot of this for the next couple of years.

Never the less Taiwan is still amazing for that short time even though it was raining all the time. The gloomy and cold weather gave me the sweet chill manila wasn’t able to provide. I really just miss Taiwan, I even missed it while I was there. Traveling is immersing yourself and not just taking pictures and selfies all through out just to prove you’re there. It’s being in peace with the place you’re in, it’s being curious on what you can do and see beyond the facade that what people are used to see. It’s exploring the unexplored and enjoying life as it is.

Enjoying being lost, being able to eat weird thing, being able to see that unnatural, being able to breathe fresh or polluted air, being able to see different faces you are not used to, being able to fly and run, being able to dance in public because no one really knows you, being able to talk sign language with people because of language barriers, being able to just let go, being… anything you want really.

I feel like this blog was supposed to be about Taiwan but I guess that’s not really happenin, The blog is so far from what it’s supposed to be now and I’ll just let it go (queue in Elsa). I don’t even know what the title would be as I write this… Immersing yourself? Travel and let it be. Damn, I hate making titles. It’s so hard to think of one. It’s the main headline to attract people to your blog. uhg whatever. Have a good day everyone.

Damn and I have to put in a featured photo and I have no Idea what to put.

I used a random one cuz im lazy and the photo was not taken in Taiwan if you’re wondering.


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